Why Partner with North American Energy Services?

Founded with consumer advocacy in mind, North American Energy Services ideology is to develop partnerships that benefit the energy consumer; by joining our expertise in energy and related fields with the energy consumers core beliefs, we create partnerships that draw upon strengths and reducing costs.

Expert Energy Consultants

The goal of having a consultant is to have an expert working for you to obtain the proper information at the right price.  At North American Energy Services, we have the experience and knowledge of the energy markets.


Energy management is effectively reducing the risks associated with energy procurement (Electricity and Gas) and providing cost certainty for your business.  There is plenty of confusion in the marketplace today.  Our program aims to provide transparency to the procurement process.  Our experts will take the burden off you, and deliver a sound program for your business through continuous monitoring of the market and ongoing recommendations to mitigate future risk.  We offer multiple ways for you to access the market.


Home uses multiple suppliers that compete for your customer’s business. Depending on the load size, accounts are either processed custom or through our unique Price Picker™. Normally, custom pricing is used when the load size of an account is large and the Price Picker™ is used for smaller accounts. A custom price requires us to negotiate with contracted suppliers while the Price Picker™ can be done online by any of our brokers or reps by selecting the desired information in a dynamic form. Contracts are also available online once the target price has been determined.

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